Emma Jones Art Studio

Please contact Emma Direct  to discuss any personal needs @
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Mobile - 07843726538
Email - Emma.rachel.jones78 [!at] gmail.com

Emma Jones's Love of art has brought her to be a full time artist along side this she has been invited to be a consultant and workshop host to Eli-Chem an artist resin company, Emma also offers 1-2-1 Art workshops from her studio in Poole (on a direct train line from London) Emma is also busy  traveling the country providing workshops too Artist societies as well as 3 pre-booked and fixed workshops in Leeds, London and Dorset as well as exhibiting with contemporaryartfairs.co.uk.
Emma also makes & sells Artist Panel boards, which have been specifically designed for resin artist's but also work well for any artist wishing for a hard surface to paint on that allows for contemporary look.

A bit more about Emma ....Whilst making her work she focuses on her desire to bring the viewer in to a serene state, immersed into a sense of relaxation, enticing the viewer to seek through the 3 dimensional corners of her 2 dimensional work. Emma works in an almost placid, tranquil state herself, taking all the images and memory from life and placing them into the artwork. Time almost stands still whilst she is working, pressed on by the knowledge of the medium she is working on and the time constraints of the curing process of the resin itself. Emma's inspiration comes from seeing the beauty in every day life. A laugh, a smell, a colour, a flower, a sunset, a star, motivates Emma to try and recreate these wonders into eternal capsulation within the resin itself.

Achieving a Bachelors Degree in Art & Design, Emma then went on to study at Portsmouth University. She engaged with her desire for excellence and gained an opportunity to study in the AKI, a University just outside Amsterdam in Enschede, where she was enraptured by the freedom and ability to exhibit in abandoned buildings. This is where she achieved her most inspired installation pieces. Coming back to the UK after finishing her degree, she opened 'Lemon Studios' her gallery in Yorkshire which grew quick accolade in the area for 'affordable original art' before '.com' became a thing! Emma believes life is ever changing and we have an innate search for fun. With this mindset, she roamed the world for 14 years before finally finding 'Home' in Dorset.